Top 3 Freelance Writing Websites

With the internet turning into a major hub of income sources, more and more people are turning towards this World Wide Web to earn their portion of online money. One good area, to earn a regular income, is writing articles. There are several freelance websites, which offer an exciting platform for writers to earn money online. Some of these websites make an upfront payment, while others enable writers to earn a passive income. This article talks about the top 3 freelance websites, wherein contractors can sell their writing services to earn a regular income.

1) Elance

Elance is an awesome freelancer website that offers a great platform for writers to connect with clients all over the world. The biggest advantages online writers get from this site is that they receive huge payouts for their writing skills. Elance provides writing assignments with higher payouts. A writer can earn $10 -$100 per article, depending on the requirements of the client and the nature of the writing assignment. At the same time, clients receive high quality content for the amount spent.

Elance does this in an efficient manner. The company categorizes writers into various levels, based on their performance and feedback. This feature enables clients to choose the best content provider. Moreover, Elance limits application quota to 15 connects per month. This feature compels writers to bid on assignments wisely. Clients, on the other hand, are assured that only serious writers bid on their job postings. However, writers can upgrade their membership level at $10 per month to get more connects. In addition, writers can purchase additional connects.

Elance offers hourly mode as well as fixed mode to complete a writing assignment. Hourly jobs are calculated from Monday to Friday. The client can monitor the hourly task with the help of a tracker. As soon as the work-week ends, an invoice is created and sent to the client. There is a processing fee of 8.75% on each payment. Payments are guaranteed with Elance escrow. In short, Elance offers high paying writing assignments, guaranteed payments, excellent customer support and adequate help resources. The only drawback with Elance is the limited number of connects.

2) Odesk

Odesk is one of the best freelance writing sites available for new writers. Unlike Elance and ScriptLance, there is no minimum payout for the tasks. Contractors can bid as low as $0.01. In addition, the application quota is 20 per week. If this quota is used wisely, it is not difficult to manage writing assignments all over the month.

The most striking feature of Odesk is the hourly work tracking system. Clients can monitor the work done by the contractors in an efficient manner. The tracker captures screen shots every ten minutes. In addition, it logs the total number of keyword strokes and mouse clicks within each interval. Payments for hourly jobs are guaranteed. Odesk charges 10% on each payment. Creating a profile and working on writing assignments in Odesk is free. There are no membership levels or additional fees. Navigation on the site is simple and easy. Payments can be received through Paypal, check or Bank transfers. Customer service on Odesk is awesome. Recently, when Indian contractors were unable to use Paypal to withdraw funds, Odesk created a provision to deposit funds directly to their bank accounts.

3) ScriptLance

ScriptLance is another good freelance writing site. Though the majority of jobs posted here are related to software coding, writers can still earn a decent income. There is good number of writing assignments, and it is easy for new writers to secure an assignment. The minimum bid price is $10. The site offers jobs with good payout structures. When the client chooses a winning bid, $5 is charged to the client. At the same time, when a writer’s application is chosen for the job, $5 or 5% is charged. This amount can be paid within 30 days. This amount is refunded if the job is cancelled for any reason.

Applying for a writing job on ScriptLance is different to Elance and Odesk. Writers place a bid and then contact the client with additional details. However, applicants can see the bids and timeframes quoted by other contractors. ScriptLance escrow option is available for a guaranteed payment. However, people can choose not to use the escrow system.

While there are several freelance sites, these 3 websites are the most popular ones. They offer high volume of work and guaranteed payments. Now, making an online writing career is simple and easy.

Freelance Writing Websites for an Online Writing Career


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