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ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging

by Work At Home Malaysia on October 19, 2011 · 1 comment · Blogging


ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging

ProBlogger’s guide to your first week of blogging is an eBook that gives tips on how to begin writing as a blogger. It mainly focuses on the first week of your blogging experience. This eBook will be beneficial to the newbie bloggers who are not sure what to do and where to begin.

Starting a blog can be a hard task as there is a lot to make up your mind on. For most people, they start out enthusiastic hence have a lot to talk about. It becomes hard to decide on what to write about and how to plan it. There are several challenges that a new blogger faces. It can be tricky to decide which niche to specialize in. This of course leads to knowing exactly what audience you are targeting. A new blogger might have a bad time planning content for the blog and what kind of ideas to post on the wall. This eBook helps such bloggers have a clear path and plan in order to succeed in the blogging industry.

Easy to Understand and Simple to Follow

ProBlogger’s guide to your first week of blogging has well laid-out chapters that take new bloggers through the steps that need to be taken in the blogging industry. For day one of the week, the blogger has to set strong foundations for the blog. This is the day when you plan and set your blog for what you want it to be. This is the day to decide on your posting schedule, create your launch post, have a folder with your ideas for daily posts, get ideas that will capture audience and also plan your content for the first week.

Day 2 is all about publishing and building presence. This is the day to publish your special post for the launch, have a post that talks about you and also build an awesome social-media presence for your writing. This is also when to develop your process of publishing.

Day 3 is the day to mainly plan your next blog post. This is the first day of interacting with your audience. You should ensure that you attend to the feedback you are receiving from your audience. Creation of pillar content should be done on this day.

You should publish you pillar content on day 4. You can begin getting acquainted with the blogging style by checking out formats and headlines. Since you are now getting used to blogging, you should create your content plan and promote useful resources relevant to your niche.

Market yourself on day 5. This is the day to publish the post that you created on day 4 and know your audience more. Pay attention to the comments that you get. This is the time to focus on your pillar content. Start working on the pillar content series so that you have something to post on a daily basis.

On day 6, you should define quality. Make your about page better, create your second post in the pillar series and provide and share good links with your audience. Day 7 is when to have a well laid-out strategy for success. Scrutinize your blog and see the direction it is taking. Identify what is missing and work on it as soon as you can.

Who Need This Ebook

This eBook is ideal for starters, those that are starting up another blog and want to make it better than the previous and also those that are in their first week ever in the blogging industry. This eBook will not go about the technicalities of starting a blog but provide you with the important aspects on how to start a successful blog.

Get ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging here.

ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging

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